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Central Denver

Central Denver comprises the City of Denver’s downtown area and its neighboring communities. It encompasses more than 25 neighborhoods, many of which date back to the earliest years of the city. The area is home to several historic districts and landmarks that have been excellently preserved to this day. 

At the heart of Central Denver is Capitol Hill, a neighborhood founded in the 1880s as a suburb for the city’s wealthiest residents. Capitol Hill is the site of historically significant landmarks, including the Colorado State Capitol, Denver Civic Center, the Molly Brown House, and the Colorado Governor’s Mansion. 

Capitol Hill is also Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood. It’s a highly walkable community with numerous restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes. 

Northwest of Capitol Hill is the Central Business District, the commercial core of Downtown Denver. The most urbanized part of Denver, the CBD is home to the best shopping and dining in the city, as well as major art and culture hubs, such as the Denver Center for Performing Arts, the Pepsi Center, Paramount Theatre, the Denver Art Museum, and more. 

Other neighborhoods in Central Denver include Five Points, Lincoln Park, Baker, Union Station, Auraria, and Country Club. 

Auraria is now known as a center for higher education, hosting the University of Colorado Denver, the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver. The neighborhood of Country Club is home to the Denver Country Club, which was founded in 1887. Five Points encompasses Curtis Park, the oldest neighborhood in Denver, as well as many of the earliest communities in the city. 

Central Denver neighborhoods 

  • Elyria Swansea 
  • Five Points 
  • Cole 
  • Clayton 
  • Whittier
  • Skyland 
  • Union Station 
  • Central Business District
  • North Capitol Hill 
  • City Park West 
  • City Park 
  • Auraria 
  • Lincoln Park 
  • Civic Center 
  • Capitol Hill 
  • Cheesman Park 
  • Congress Park 
  • Baker 
  • Speer 
  • Country Club 
  • Cherry Creek 
  • Washington Park West 
  • Washington Park 
  • Belcaro 
  • Cory Merrill 
  • Glenville 
Historic districts in Central Denver 

  • Larimer Square 
  • Humboldt Street 
  • Ninth Street Park 
  • Clements 
  • Civic Center 
  • Smith’s Ditch 
  • Morgan’s Subdivision 
  • Frank S. Snell Subdivision
  • Lafayette Street 
  • Lower Downtown 
  • Speer Boulevard 
  • City Park Pavilion 
  • Country Club 
  • Quality Hill 
  • East Seventh Avenue 
  • Wyman
  • East Park Place 
  • Curtis Park – B 
  • Curtis Park – A 
  • City Park Esplanade 
  • Downing Street Parkway 
  • South Marion Street Parkway
  • University Boulevard Parkway
  • Williams Street Parkway 
  • Curtis Park – C 
  • Pennsylvania Street 
  • Curtis Park – D 
  • Clayton College 
  • Swallow Hill 
  • Alamo Placita 
  • Baker Neighborhood 
  • Downtown Denver 
  • Country Club Gardens 
  • Five Points Historic Cultural District
  • Park Avenue 
  • Ballpark Neighborhood 
  • Driving Park 
  • Humboldt Street – Park Avenue
  • Grant Street 
  • Curtis Park – E 
  • Curtis Park – F 
  • Curtis Park – G 
  • Curtis Park – H 
  • 200 Block South Lincoln Street
  • LODO Spec Rev District 1 
  • LODO Spec Rev District 2 
  • LODO Spec Rev District 3 
  • LODO Spec Rev District 4 Sub Area 1
  • LODO Spec Rev District 4 Sub Area 2
  • LODO Spec Rev District 4 Sub Area 3
  • LODO Spec Rev District 4 Sub Area 4
  • LODO Spec Rev District 4 Sub Area 5
  • Curtis Park

Real estate in Central Denver 

Homes in Central Denver come in a wide range of sizes and prices. The housing stock is a mix of single-family homes, condos, and townhomes, with condos as the most dominant property type. The CBD and Capitol Hill are particularly popular locations for condos and townhomes with their proximity to offices, commercial centers, and urban amenities. 

You’ll find beautiful single-family homes in the area’s established neighborhoods just outside the CBD. Most of these are at least 75 years old — and these properties also command the highest prices in the area, thanks to their exquisite period details and built-in prestige. 

If you want to learn more about Central Denver and your real estate options here, we at Historic Denver Properties are more than happy to help. Get in touch with us at 303.578.0706 or email us at Mark(at)MarkMuller(dotted)Homes 

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